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Policies and Procedures

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Our Mission
To be the leader of our Trade Route, to and from the Far East and China.

Our Vision
To be the number one choice to and from the Far East and China

Our Slogan
Meeting your shipping needs is our priority

Core Values

Relationship Centric
We believe in building long-term sustainable relationships with our stakeholders.

We pride ourselves in being a company that shows our commitment in business ethics.

Customer Orientated
We ensure that we give our customers the best service by paying attention to their needs.

Cosren Quality Policy

COSREN SHIPPING AGENCY (PTY) LTD Management and staff policy is to provide a top class service to clients and Principal. To achieve the policy we will implement the following principles.


Continuous commitment towards quality improvement.


Outshine the competition.


Service focused on the Principals and clients requirements.


Relationship built within and between departments.


Educate and train staff on Principals requirements.


Nothing is impossible to achieve.

Social Responsibility

Cosren is a proud supporter of the following charities:

Shepherds Keep

Shepherd’s Keep was founded in 1998 and has been providing exemplary care for tiny abandoned babies ever since. Whether HIV positive or not, each baby is welcomed and each baby stays with us until adoptive parents are found and during this time they are restored to health, both physically and emotionally as far as is possible.

We have been commended on our standards by the Department of Social Development and are known as the place of choice for abandoned and orphaned babies because of the procedures we have in place and the standards we are determined to keep. We are also set apart by our care for special needs babies who have various health issues like epilepsy, cerebral palsy, heart and intestinal defects and each baby is treated as a project, from the time they arrive at Shepherd's Keep, they are nurtured and loved and cared for individually.

As a non-profit entirely dependent on donations, we find it increasingly difficult to keep pace with the cost of consumables and everyday needs and are deeply grateful for the support of those who are able to help. Each donation is an investment into a baby's life and will help to change that baby's life forever. Please visit our website to see more about Shepherd's Keep at, and visit our Facebook page at Shepherd's Keep to get regular updates and see new photographs of our babies.