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Container Mass Categories

Rail Mass Categories
6m Light Nett mass greater than 0 kg and equal to 13,000 kgs
Heavy Nett mass greater than 13,000 and equal to 22,000 kgs, and not exceeding a gross mass of 24,000kgs
Extra Heavy Nett mass greater than 22,000kgs, and not exceeding a gross mass of 27,500 kgs (note that this mass category only applies to the “superhighway” route).
Overmass If the gross mass for a 6m container exceeds 24,000 kgs, the container will be considered overmass and the 6m overmass rail will apply, provided that the CSC plate-rating of the container allows for safe conveyance of such loads. Such overmass containers will be handled and conveyed under owner’s risk conditions.
12m Light Net Mass greater than 0kg and less than a nett mass of 26,000kgs
Heavy Net mass 26001 kgs, not exceeding a net mass of 29,400kgs (max gross mass 30,480kgs)
Overmass Net mass exceeding 29,400kgs

Hazardous Containers

Standard rail rate + an additional 25% of the applicable rail rate will apply for rail of Imco class 2.1 to 9 (excluding Imco class 7) cargo.

Cartage Mass Categories
(Based on Gross Mass, cargo + tare weight)

20’ and 40’  – 23,999 kgs – standard cartage rates applicable
24-25,999 kgs = standard cartage + 25%
26-27,999 kgs = standard cartage + 50%
28-30,000 kgs = standard cartage + 100%
24-30,000 kgs = standard cartage + 25%