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Re-direction / Changing Mode of Transport / MT Turn In Policy

Re-direction Procedures and when re-direction is applicable:

A Re-direction application form is to be completed and returned to Cosren.  Once re-direction has been actioned by Cosren a confirmation will be sent back confirming the re-direction.

Should no confirmation be received, the onus is on the client to follow up to ensure that the application was in fact received and actioned.

Prepaid Railage

It is the responsibility of the Receiver to ensure that should containers be re-directed, that railage has not been PREPAID at POL by the Shipper before requesting a re-direction as NO railage refund will be entertained should this be prepaid at POL.

The following charges are applicable to Re-directions:

  • Re-direction Fee
  • Amending Manifest Fee

Above charges will be applicable in the following circumstances:

  • Amending of containers from RAIL to ROAD
  • Changing destination from Durban to Johannesburg or Pretoria
  • Changing destination from Johannesburg/Pretoria to Durban
  • Durban Manifested shipments where empty container is returned to JHB
  • Jhb Manifested shipments, where empty container is returned to Durban

DBN Manifested/JHB Turn In

Please note that should containers be manifested for Durban, MT units should be returned to Cosren’s nominated Durban depot, and will not be authorised to turn into Johannesburg, unless a re-direction has been done.

JHB Manifested/DBN Turn In

Please note that should clients cargo be manifested for Johannesburg, however container be turned into Durban, Cosren will invoice the MT Turn in Fee in advance.  This MT turn in fee will be refunded to clients upon the client providing Cosren with POD.

A refund must be applied for in writing together with the POD’s. Should client have regular refund requests, Cosren request that all MT turn in refunds be  requested on a monthly basis once all containers have been returned to the depot for the relevant vessels that have arrived during a particular month.

Re-direction Applications

Re-direction Application Forms

Please note it is a requirement of Cosren, that should you require containers to be re-directed, it is standard procedure  for a Re-direction application form to be completed.

Please note that should your request for re-direction not be accompanied by a re-direction application form, the re-direction request will not be actioned.

Please ensure that this requirement is followed according to Cosren standard procedure.

Redirection Application Form

Late Re-directions

Please note that Late Redirections will attract additional costs. For additional charges, please contact Cosren directly. Please note that Shuffling is applicable to both Rail to Road as well as Road to Rail containers.

NB: Please note that should a client amend a container back on the rail list - ie customs stop in JHB:

Before vessel berths - Terminal storage not applicable
After vessel berths - Terminal storage for clients account

We have attached here the application form that needs to be accompanied with your re-direction application:
Redirection Application Form